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Our Team

SuperMegaUltra is a film and entertainment studio. We write things, produce things, and make things for people to watch, listen to, and enjoy all over the world. For over twenty years we have produced, short films, feature films, TV Shows, Digital Media, and podcasts.


Michael Bekemeyer

Michael Bekemeyer (President of SuperMegaUltra Entertainment, Writer, Director, Producer) has 20+ years of experience in the film & television industry including experience as a producer at Bright house Networks. Bekemeyer has written, produced & directed, films professionally and independently. His feature film debut as a producer/writer/director, “Really Pathetic & Totally Awkward”, which premiered at the historical Garden Theatre in Winter Garden, FL was produced for Broken Sunset Films and SuperMegaUltra Entertainment. That feature was officially released in 2020. In between productions, Bekemeyer teaches & mentors the next generation of filmmakers at Lake County High School.

Bradly Kingston

Bradly Kingston (Vice-President of SMU, Writer, Producer) has been in video, film and digital media production for over 20 years. With extensive experience writing, editing and visual effects, Mr. Kingston graduated from FMU’s film program and has written and produced numerous film and television productions over the years including many shorts and the feature film “Really Pathetic & Totally Awkward”. Kingston also co-hosts the podcast “Film Reverie Indie Film Podcast” with production partner Bekemeyer.

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